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You’re not supposed to surround your text with the <!-- and --> as that makes your text into comments. So I just removed those text, in order for your actual request to be shown.

Update: I’m not into using Zotero, and my take on your actual request would be just insert a citation like [[Smith et al.]] into the document. That’ll create a link, and when you click on it it’ll create a new document named just that, and you can fill in whatever you’d like.

Come to think of it, I would most likely rather have the link look something like: [[The World of Antibiotics|Smith et al.]] which would display as Smith et al. but the note would be named after the article “The World of Antibiotics” (or whatever it’s called :smiley: ). I would then also add the following to the start of that note:

aliases: "Smith et al."

Which would allow me the next time I write [[ to continue with Smith and the autocomplete would suggest the aliased note. Not at all certain as to how the same approach would look using Zotero, so that I leave up to someone else.

You might also benefit from reading up a bit on Markdown and Obsidian. A starting point could be: Create your first note - Obsidian Help

Sorry I wondered why my text was not being shown! Thank you!

I thought pulling in the reference would make it aesthetically pleasing - the main body migth refer to many different references Smith et al, Jones et al - so clicking on each of these could then display the abstract and my notes? I think your suggestion also good - just wondered if possible to do what I was trying to do. Thank you so much for your advice!

Is your issue just that the template you implemented is more complex than you would like? If so, share it here, so we can take a look at it. What you wanted to do is easily achievable.

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