[Zotero add-on] Zutilo modded version gives us the ability to open PDFs from Obsidian

The add-on – which has not been updated for quite some time now – surprisingly, doesn’t give us the ability to copy from Zotero the PDF deep link we need to open a PDF from Obsidian.

I have made a modded version of the Zutilo add-on which provides us with the PDF link that is once clicked will take us to the PDF in our desktop Zotero (page number must be defined manually).


Remove the add-on if you have already installed Zutilo and add this modified version. All it really does is instead of the zotero://select/library/items/<ID> zotero://open-pdf/library/items/<ID>?page= will be copied to the clipboard when you select copy select item links.

On the Readme page in GH, I link to the discussion where I took the idea from. All I did was unpack the original xpi, made modifications to one line and repacked the xpi (which is a zip file, basically).
Anyone who is more given to tinkering can do more on this, of course (create a new function with a different name and restore the original functionality of copy select item links, which for me, is less handy: all it does is point at the file in the list of items).
I only did the modification myself because the developer doesn’t seem eager (or even around) to listen to Feature Requests.

How to use it: