Zoottelkeeper : Hide the message Beginning of the autogenerated index file list %%

Maybe a stupid question, but in the editor mode, is it possible to hide the message at the bottom and the end of all index files : "B%%% Zoottelkeeper: Beginning of the autogenerated index file list %% ? I searched but I didn’t find a solution.

Thanku for the answer

I frequently use the percent characters to hide lines from published content.

To hide one line:
%%This is the line I want to hide in Reading Mode.%%

Multiple lines:

These are 
multiple lines
I want to hide.
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There might be a way to do it with a CSS snippet, but I don’t know if you can target a comment that has specific content or if you can only target all content.

Otherwise, you can switch to Reading View. (Because they’re comments, they’ll be hidden there.)

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