Zoom/outliner plugin error message regarding legacy editor (?)

I keep getting these error messages when I start Obsidian, but I am not using the legacy editor – it is set to off in my settings. Anyone else having this problem? Neither Outliner nor Zoom are working for me.

I’m running Obsidian v0.15.8 (installer version: v0.14.15). I have the latest plugin versions downloaded as well
(Outliner 2.3.0 and Zoom 0.7.8).

Things I have tried

Uninstalling/reinstalling Obsidian AND both plugins.

What I’m trying to do

I would just like to get these two plugins to work, as I rely on them heavily every day.

Try updating the installer.

I believe I did that already because I reinstalled Obsidian from the website, unless I need to download it from somewhere else (I am a VIP Catalyst user)?

Could you paste your “Show debug info” to try and spot any oddities?

I wonder if there is some old setting in your vault/.obsidian that needs refreshing. Maybe there is a bug where it is set to an old value.

That’s just assuming there isn’t a problem with those 2 plugins. I don’t use them, so I couldn’t say. If you make a fresh test vault and install those plugins, do they work as expected? Maybe you can narrow down the problem from there.

Edit: I do see the latest installer on the website is now 0.15.8, so yeah try reinstalling first

Will try these things, thanks for the hints!

I tried out the sandbox vault, installed the two plugins, and they are definitely working. Maybe it is some kind of old setting in my vault that needs refreshing. How do I go about refreshing it?

  1. I edited instead of replying. But the latest installer is 0.15.8. So please do try to reinstall first.
  2. To refresh settings, I don’t know, except to backup first, close Obsidian, try deleting some of the .json files in vault/.obsidian. It’s a messy way, but by keeping a backup snapshot, you can experiment without losing settings. You can also open the json files up in a text editor and see if you can read any that have to do with version numbers.
  3. Alternatively, look inside your .obsidian folder and in the plugins folder. Look for any conflicting files. If you use a sync solution, you might have duplicate “conflicted” files, in which case, auto-updating might be getting confused and reading the incorrect files. (Or something… just guessing now.)

Thanks for your reply again!

It was a sync issue – one of my computers had the legacy editor turned on, and so my main work computer thought it had the legacy editor turned on also even though it didn’t. I was able to turn it off on my other computer, sync settings again, and the problem has resolved.

Thanks so much for helping me troubleshoot the issue!


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