ZK Prefixer Plugin Bugs

ALready posted in Discord Suggestions as of v06, but not yet taken into account so raising my voice here. Tghere are 2 bugs with the ZK plugin still present in latest v0.6.2

1/ The ZK prefixer plugin has lost the ability to configure the prefix - only the template path is showing. Can you please have a look? Thanks!
2/ Another bug in the ZK plugin: template path doesn’t work any longer - it keeps complaining “folder not found” even though folder is just fine. Thanks!

Grazie mille

  1. was removed
  2. do you still have this issue?



  1. I see. Plugin still calle ZK prefixer though, kind of misleading guys.
  2. No longer have this issue, but originally the box for location contained the ZK template file path - I guess this has also be dumped?
    Thank you, keep it up!