.zip.md as Container to bind related content

After working for a few month with Obsidian my vault is becoming more and more messy: I have many “snippets” (like screenshots, pictures and other small informations) flying around without an allocation to the source.

I think it would be a huge benefit to zip (uncompressed) content from the same source to an archive and give it an additional .md suffix to make it readable for Obsidian.

Here’s an example of such an archive, just to make it clear:

.zip.md * index.md (holds the links to notes and attachements. will open when .zip.md is clicked in Obsidian) * p10_somegraph.png * p12_sometable.png * zettel1.md (permanent literature note 1) * zettel2.md (permanent literature note 2)

Such a concept would allow linking to the archive-internal content from other notes, but would keep the directory clean, the sources and its content traceable and would separate external thoughts from the personal ones.
I think this might help for smaller Literatur like papers, blog posts and tweets. For books, I am using folders.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this and whether this make any sense to you guys.

Do you mean something like TextBundle support? This will help expecially for embedded contents but, I think, it will make more complicated to link the same resource (e.g., an image) in multiple documents.

If that’s the case, there is alreade a Feature Request in that direction: TextBundle format, editing history, Mobile

Yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Sadly, never heard of TextBundle.

Thank you!

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