Zettlekasten Adepts, You Can Now Exports Your Map of Contents to PDF

Zettlekasten Adepts Can Now Exports Their Notes!

The Issue

My issue with Obsidian was that there is no possible way to export complete maps of content to PDF. We work a lot with internal links and not with directories.

I like studying on actual paper so I needed a convenient way to export and prints my notes on a certain subject. Well, the day is finally here!

My solution

I created a script that does just that. It is written in bash so it might not be compatible with Windows users (unless you know your way around a computer and you know how to use the Linux terminal extension on Windows).

I run Linux, but this should work on Mac OS as well.

Here is the link to the script itself

I don’t understand. What was the obstacle to exporting?

My notes are not directory dependent. They are all floating around in the same folder. The only thing that link them together are internal links.

Let’s say I have notes on bio-accumulation. I’d have a note referencing every note linked to that subject. That would be my Map of Content.

There is no possible way to export all those notes to PDF at the same time. I might have 100s of different notes on bio-accumulation (all illustrating standalone concepts). Doing that manually through the export feature in Obsidian would be madness.

So I built this tool, which goes through the Map of Content, looks for links, and exports all the linked notes automatically into a single PDF document. This makes printing way easier.

I see, I thought you meant printing the map of content, not the content it maps.

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