Zettelkasten prefixer

I use the the Karl Voit style of dates which is half based on an ISO standard and half based on limitations of OS Filesystems.

As a Zettlekasten crazy person I would like to customize the format of my Zettledasten ID…

Oh, you know what, that feature doesn’t do what I thought it does.

As a user when I create a new file I would like to auto name the file with a timestamp according to my format of choice.


Your meaning is that you want to make your own timestamp format?

I thought the Zettelkasten prefixer added the timestamp to the filename, but that’s not what is happening on my instance so I’m not sure what that prefixer does.

I would like the ability that when I create a new file, instead of having Untitled as the file name and having to manually go in and find today’s date/time and type that out. (Tedium) I can set a prefix to the file name and that I can customize it according to my own system.

I saw that in the Zettlekasten setting this looks something like YYYYMMDDHHSS but I already have my own Zettlekasten going on and I base it off of Karl Voit’s papers and formatting which is more in line with existing ISO standards. YYYY-MM-DDTHH:SS, but that is modified a bit since most filesystems don’t accept colons in the file name to: YYYY-MM-DDTHH.SS

To break it down into steps:

#. Open Obsiden
#. Click New Note
#. Instead of seeing Untitled For document name I should see 2020.07.15T09.38.00.md as the name

It is saying ,you want to use timestamp as default new-files’ name and customize it’s style?

yes that is more accurate

It seems a thing that is not too different. Wish you to get it.

@Princemallow: you can use the daily note plugin, which gives you the option to customize the date format exactly. Thought titled “Daily note”, as long as the file of that title doesn’t exist, it will create one for you.

Hope that works for you.

I found this “issue” too, but there’s a button for “Create new Zettelkasten Note” down the side bar, which uses the date format in the filename. At least this is true for me (latest version v0.8.1).

I would like to also be able to tweak the ID format (checked the plugin, didn’t see anything there), as I have used seconds in my naming when using Zettlr. As an example, one of my note ID’s is 20200529202214. The current format in Obsidian is 202005292022 and doesn’t appear to be configurable anywhere that I could see (please correct me if I am wrong).

The trick is not to use the Zettelkasten template but the daily note. Here you can tweak the ID this way:

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Great Idea on using the Daily note… but I want both :slight_smile:

I use the daily note function “as is”, but would also like these format customization for Zettelkasten notes.

I make due with a macro program, but wanted to chime in.

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+1 Definitely this. I was surprised to find I wasn’t able to cutomise the format.

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Since this is low hanging fruit for the official/core Zettelkasten plugin, I’ll move it to feature requests.


Could you maybe close this? I’m so super glad this has gotten implemented :slight_smile: