Zettelkasten iud

I am not confortable with the Z identifier (time stamp xxx) in the title so i decided to move it in the body of the note. How can it be completed automatically when creating the notes ?

That being said, i understand it creates a unique identifier for every note but how is is it usable, why do you need it in the Z method?

You can use the Templates plugin to input a datetime UID in newly created notes. Once you turn on the plugin, you see a settings page with instructions.

Regarding the question of why use the UID, that is personal preference. Some users like to reference their notes that way or use the UID to see when notes were created. You can find a lot of discussion this in the forum and on Discord.

Ty for your quick answer. I have turned on the plugin, but cannot see any template.
Just have on the left panel a button “insert template” but nothing happening when i push it …

Indeed i can still enter the mud manually or generate it creating a Z note and copy the stamp in the body of a new note but its fastidious …

sorry …i found the template …problem solved… i am a total beginner

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so i am using : {{date:YYYYMMDD}}{{time:HHmm}}
it gives me : 202010011238
so i can use the above as a unique ID for the note
very handy

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