Zettelkasten is hard for me, How can I turn this example to Zettelkasten, I use obsidian

Hello, I need help to work using the Zettelkasten method in obsidian using the same workflow below.

I am new to the Zettelkasten method, I read everything I could read and find about it. but it is still hard for me. I am a visual person I like to see visual representations of What I read. my method for learning is to organize info then make connections visually between them, and then I make a connection to my past experience, for example,

this is a paragraph talking about spiders:
source: SOAR to Success | College of Education and Human Sciences

Spiders have two body parts: the head and chest. They have eight legs and eight eyes. They do not have wings or antennae. Their skeleton is a hard, outer shell that protects them.
A hard, outer shell protects an insect’s three body parts: head, chest, and abdomen. They usually have two big eyes and three smaller eyes between them. Six legs and one or two pairs of wings propel insects. Insects also have a pair of antennae for sensing things.

my problem is about, How can I correctly apply Zettelkasten?
is this paragraph represent one note, one complete note? Should I make it smaller parts for every single detail?
How can I organize it in a matrix table? like this

when it comes to associating them with each other, Should I make links for the association?
when I make associations for what I know and make connections between new knowledge and previous knowledge, Should I make links?

Should I consider the whole thing one Zettelkasten note and make a template for my workflow?

I know I ask a lot because I feel lost, by the way, I use obsidian for note-taking.

Matrix Tables can be made my using markdown table notation, so:

| column 1 | column 2 | column 3 |
| --------- | ---------- | ----------|
| row 1 | row 1 | etc |
| row 2 | row 2 | etc |


column 1 column 2 column 3
row 1 row 1 etc
row 2 row 2 etc

The zettlekasten method can be used in many different ways, but with your example paragraph I would separate it into 2 notes, one on spiders, one on insects, and if you want a third on a comparison table. There isn’t one way to make a zettlekasten, so experiment around to find what best suits your way of thinking. That may take a while, but will help you in the long run.

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