ZenMode for writers

Hi everyone,

Happy to join this community! Obsidian was brought to my attention by “No Boilerplate” on YouTube.

I couldn’t find anything like this and wanted to share this idea of having a “Zen Mode” for writers.
If there is already a plugin like this leave a comment with the plugin name.

All the UI elements are going to disappear once you start writing in the editor.
If you move your mouse everything is displayed again.
I think it’s useful for everyone who doesn’t want to be distacted by anything.
Let me know if you would use a plugin like this.

Thank you and
have a nice day.

something went wrong with the gif. will fix that asap :slight_smile:

Have you seen obsidian://show-plugin?id=zen and obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-prozen?

Maybe you can join forces and contribute to one of those plugins. They have not been updated for a while. :wink:

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Oh nice! Thanks!

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the minimal theme has a focus-mode that hides almost all of the UI. hovering over the different zones will make them reappear. i have it mapped to a quick-key to quickly toggle.

by default it doesn’t close sidebars but i also have quick-key commands mapped to toggle right and left sidebars. on windows, you can also hit F11 to go full-screen and hide taskbar. so a few quick keystrokes and i can hide all visual distractions.

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Following your path @misterchad: I am developing a Templater script to include the sidebars too.

The script will save the current layout and revert to it if one exits the focus mode.