YouTube Embeds With Timestamp Does Not Work

Use case or problem

Adding timestamp to YouTube embeds does not work.

For example


should begin playing the video at 30 seconds in.

Proposed solution

Perhaps look at how the Simple Embeds pligin does it.

Current workaround

This works as expected using the plugin: Simple Embeds.


I thought “will be implemented” means the timestamps too.

This works in local tests:


Yes it does work, and for my own use case at the moment it’s…manageable, although what I think would be most convenient is to have the timestamp system like on Youtube website itself, which would jump the local embedded video into given timestamp.

Here’s my current usage (which works, but it’s not THAT convenient IMO)

My Current Use:

## đź“‘References
![Learn PowerShell Automation in Less than 1 Hour (]( 

## đź—’Notes
- [3:41]( Registering a scheduled task
- [6:47]( Getting/Finding a scheduled task
- [8:45]( Removing scheduled task
- [9:51]( Registering a scheduled Job

Current situation
When I click on the timestamp on ReadView, I open Youtube on my browser of that video at that timestamp.

Ideal Situation
When I’m clicking on a given timestamp, I’m able to also move the youtube video embedded in Obsidian to the timestamp as written.

Also another wish to the situation, but perhaps its’s too much…
We can have Obsidian recognize that we have a youtube video embedded that’s referenced, where we then easily able to enter a timestamp and it recognizes the video and at what time it’s supposed to slide to (just like on Youtube website, but that’s for singular videos, I know)
We can have a button to snapshot the timestamp of the opened youtube video which prints out on the md note the timestamp