Youtube annotator?

Isn’t it time for a Youtube annotator? I’m quite surprised this isn’t a thing yet.

Some ideas of what it could comprise:

  1. Ability to get timestamps
  2. Ability to retrieve transcript/captions around the stopped frame
  3. Quote comments
  4. Grab description of the video



Not sure if this achieved all you described, but I’ve seen folks exporting YouTube highlights using Memex into Obsidian. Here is an example.

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So there’s YiNote which does 1 & 4 and exports to markdown.
h/t @tallguyjenks and here’s His video showing it.

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i stopped using that shortly after the video, the media extended plugin is much better for just that


I still liked the workflow of first watching a video and taking notes in the browser, and then afterwards importing and processing my notes in Obsidian. So I made an advanced importer script for YiNote that runs directly in Obsidian.

(Sorry for bumping this thread, but I thought that may be interesting for future YiNote users who stumble over this thread, like me)

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