You can link to headings, subheading, paragraphs,... can you link to arbitrary parts of other notes, with some plugin maybe?

Like subsubbullet points, or random sentences in the middle of other notes.

Besides the one you’ve mentioned there is also a “hidden” link from task queries back to the origin of the task. I use this all over the place to denote sentences of important in various categories using dedicated status characters grouping the decorated tasks.

Have you made a post about this (I feel like you have) or a link to more info? Thanks!

@ariehen Below is a link to a post that contains what I believe to be the link you are looking for. There very well may be another explanation of the system elsewhere. I am very interested as well. Is there a concept of "block" in Obsidian? - #6 by holroy

Thanks for reminding me!

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