Yaml with child data rendered invalid and notes will not show in dataview queries

I have seen in various showcases and on the site’s documentation that child data on yaml is allowed.

But in my case, data point that has child data or with a dash in front will rendered invalid, as seen on left side of the screenshot. It also won’t show up in my result from dataview query, as seen on right side of the screenshot.

Do I have any settings wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Three observations:

  1. Considering yaml syntax, you can enter multiple values (a list) in this way:
key: [value 1, value 2, value 3]


  - value 1
  - value 2
  - value 3

But attention (this can be your case): before “-” is preferred to use two spaces, not indentation.

  1. For nested keys/fields, use the same logic:
  nested_key1: value 1
  nested_Key2: value 2
  1. If you use Dataview, attention to the use of “keys with spaces”, like date created, because Dataview don’t “like” them. It’s preferred to use “date-created” or “date_created”.

Turns out the problem lies with the indentation as you mentioned.

Thanks for your detailed answer!

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