YAML Timestamp creation date

how do i automatically create a timestamp creation property?
i’m trying with Linter, it’s set like this

on ctrl-s save it doesn’t do anyting.

The first toggle in YAML Timestamp must also be turned on.

thanks, now it updates/creates it, but i was thinking that toggle was for getting the date from file metadata and not only obsidian modification.
This way, if files metadata get screwed, it also happens to properties.
For date of modify i use the pluging “update modified field on edit” that doesn’t get it from metadata, for creation of new notes i still want something more secure.
Reason: i use iCloud, it couldn’t care less about metadata dates.

This opens up two new topics, which have their own recent threads.

Can you link me those threads? I can’t find them. Thanks again.

Seems to me the plugin you linked updated created date from file metadata, the thing i want to avoid.
As for using icloud, it’s the only way to sync it with the iphone.
I already tried the git archive method but it’s very clunky on iphone and i have doubts it fully resolves date sync in files.
But the way i can live without resolving the situation for now, the creation date is not foundamental when i have a good modifed date tool

On iPhone I believe you can also use the Remotely Save plugin to sync with various cloud services and such (and of course there’s Obsidian Sync but you probably know that).

The easiest way to do it is to simply create a default file template which includes the created time. Then set Obsidian to use that template for any new note.

You definitely don’t want to use Linter for created/modified times, as it uses the filesystem time like you mentioned.

Here’s my default note template for Templater:

created: <% moment().format() %>

If you want something which updates the modified time when you edit, but does not use the filesystem time, I have a plugin for that:


Ok, it’s not bad!
I was already using your template, i just called it wrongly “update modified field on edit”, thanks for your work.
I tried that “creation” template and it works, i just had to disable/enable “Update frontmatter modified date” and now it does like that:

Creation: 2023-09-13T15:16:47+02:00
Modified : 2023-09-13 15:16:57

the last thing now is to change the creation format to the same as modifed. Can someone help me?
thank you

(On a side note, check the solution i found to my older problem.)

moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss')


Thanks m8!

I don’t know, now that i had set Icloud i want to try it, if i encounter problems i’ll try even with 3rd part plugins. thx btw

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