Yaml syntax rules for Db-Folder Csv Import

What I’m trying to do

Import a csv with about 1000 rows and 10 columns to my Obsidian vault using the Database Folder plugin created by @RafaelGB . Some columns contain multi-select data. Each row is a separate note.

Things I have tried

I was able to import all the rows of the csv, but the yaml frontmatter (although created in the note) is not transferred to the db-folder database, because apparently there are illegal characters like ", ', -, [[ or some combination of these. I was trying to use double square brackets to make sure that multiple select columns are preserved even when I import them as text columns.

Is there a list of yaml syntax rules that are used in the db-folder plugin (or more generally in obsidian)? I couldn’t find it in the plugin’s github.

Is there an alternative way for me to import a csv into multiple obsidian notes while preserving frontmatter? The notes must be created with a Templater template that refers to the title of each note. This last feature seems to work with the db-folder import function.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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