YAML Parse exception Error message

Hello Everybody,

I am trying to export a note to .docx with the Obsidian Enhancing Export plugin. Pandoc 3.1.2 is installed.
PDF Export from Obsidian itself works fine, but exporting to docx with the plugin gives me the following error message.


Anyone know what to do with this?
Thank you for your help

The picture linked from the OP:

What is listed at that particular location? What is line 4-6 of Final - Sprechertext.md?

Thank you for trying to help :slight_smile:

I copied the first 9 Lines into a pastebin:

Its actually just text with a little bit of markdown.

Edit: When checking with https://www.yamllint.com/ it says:
“Unexpected scalar at node end at line 3, column 15”

This yamlint.com page finds about 200 (!) more errors in the file. Maybe the whole file is damaged and I just write it new? how could this have happened?

I cannot edit the post again, so here is the error message I got when trying to export a different file:


Obsidian PDF export works fine with these files but I need them in .docx

It’s strange that it should report a yaml error on that since it’s not part of the yaml, which is usually associated with the section at the start of the file surrounded by two lines of ---.

There is a single colon, though, which it might want to pair up with another colon to create an inline field, but that seems like a strange thing for it to react on. You could try to remove the colon temporarily, just to see if the file gets converted then.

If so, some action needs to be taken. Either rewrite the paragraph, changing the syntax slightly, or something similar.

That last error message indicates that your missing a pdflatex tool in your setup, so your pandoc installation might not be complete, or not fully configured so it can find the tools it wants.

I just installed mactex, that fixed the pdflatex error.

I just remembered, the file in question is a text I copied from a google doc.
Maybe this is the problem? Rewriting certain paragraphs in this text just give me the same error message with different lines. Writing in a new note the same text (without copying it) doesn’t give any error message.

Is this a known error? Copying Text from google doc to obsidian causes error messages like this?

EDIT: I was wrong. Copying from google docs works fine, the text that causes the error message was copied from a skiff.com page. Thats probably it. I will try to reproduce the error and let you know.
Thank you for your patience and your effort :slight_smile:

I’ve read about someone recently having a similar issue where some extraneous characters are copy-pasted, which can cause issues. Don’t remember where or when, but look for invisible characters if you experience something like this again.

Thank you a lot for your help!

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