YAML - Metadata Question

Good day, I’ve got some dumb questions around metadata and YAML.

I’ve been looking at moving my current setup to YAML but I’m failing to see the benefits of it compared to what I already do.

Currently, for my system right now I just have a template list out the following:
Related Notes:
Related Books:

and I fill that out, then go about my process.

What’s the benefit to adding it to YAML instead and can I link to other pages (for related notes/books) or just tags?

  1. It will be hidden in preview
  2. Tags will be listed nicely
  3. It’s machine readable for use outside of Obsidian.


What about the pages, are you able to link to pages within the YAML?

I tried to do the following but it doesn’t work.

related notes: [[note here]]

Not that I know of, but as YAML is a standard it’s possible this gets added as a feature.

Hi. Sorry to jump in, but on the issue of displaying in Preview…just getting started with YAML, but mine shows in Preview? Is it the theme that does that?

It’s hidden in the standard theme (except tags are displayed)

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Just an extra information. If your target is using something like Dataview or similar, yaml metadata work fine. But attention, I think that tags and links inside yaml not working as implicit data, i.e, tags and links added via yaml are not reflected in tag-pane, backlinks and outlinks.

It’s not a theme thing but a settings option: Settings>Options>Editor>Show frontmatter.

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