YAML Image Link Issues


I am attempting to make a Bookshelf/Library using the metadata to pull into a dataview.


I am having issues getting my YAML to work.

What I have tried

I have looked in the forums, asked on discord, and was sent to the Vault (which didnt really help).

I have tried using a YAML verifier to see if I am doing something incorrect:

But it keeps telling me that I have valid YAML, whereas Obsidian says it’s invalid

I am so confused… What am I doing wrong?

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I think you can’t use markdown links in yaml as Metadata is processed as plain text.

Use double colons :: for data values in the body of the document. Use single colons for values in the front matter.

As @alltagsverstand and @pop said in yaml you need to use the syntax key: value, not key:: value.
Besides that, you can’t use the cover format ![image](link). Use only cover: link and the rest you add it in dataview query.

(In discord, if about dataview, post asks in the topic #dataview)

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This worked perfectly!! Thank you so much!!

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