Yaml font matter in HTML comment block

One of the great goals of obsidian is, " In our age when cloud services can shut down or be bought, or change privacy policy any day, the last thing you want is proprietary format and data lock-in." In that spirit I note that while YAML front matter handling is becoming more common, not all markdown processors ignore YAML front matter. For example, in a github issue if you enter:

tags: xxx

some text

you can see that the yaml is displayed, and btw, it is in this forum app as well. I’d like to suggest that Obsidian also support having the YAML in an HTML comment block. What this would mean is that just as the obsidian looks for the yaml marker at the start of the file, it should also look for the start of comment:


and if it find this and the next line is the start of YAML, treat the YAML as front matter. A proper comment end is still needed after the YAML end.

Using this the YAML front matter will not be displayed in other apps which properly handle markdown and embedded HTML. A very simple plugin/core command could handle conversion to/from existing to this new form of front matter for a file or a folder and its subfolders.