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  1. I am still quite inexperienced with YAML & Dataview, but already use a simple header:


I have seen several times now that the update time of the note can also be displayed, as “date update”, for example.
But I can’t find the code that I have to enter there, so that the update time is really displayed. What do I have to enter there?
With Dataview i can sort the notes with “file.mtime”, right?

  1. I currently use tags for the status of the note that I prefix with “~”. I do this so that these tags are at the top of the tag list.
    However, I unfortunately noticed that I can’t list these tags in Dataview. If I read this correctly, Dataview can’t do anything with this character. Is that right? How could I do it differently?

  2. If I want to change the tags all I have to do it in each note individually or can I send this change to all notes?

Thanks a lot!

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I use a plugin for this instead. The thing is modified file time doesn’t always correlate with actual edits.


i also have no idea to update the date in yaml filed.
but i use template plugin to implement the feature. it will show date in view-mode.

date updated: <%+ tp.file.last_modified_date("YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss") %>

if you want to query the note, you can use file.mday in dataview script.

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Many thanks to both of you!
The addon works exactly as intended.
And for my other points (2 & 3) I have found a similar solution, another Addon called “Tag Wrangler”.

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