YAML advice

Warning: n00b user to basically everything (including Obsidian). Thank you for your patience!!!

Hello! I am making my way through the YAML manual (1.2.2.), and I’ve discovered some potential syntax conflicts (notably, the use of --- and # in it’s code. I’m quite sure that this isn’t new to anyone…but it is to me, which means that I probably don’t know what I’m doing. so here are my questions:

  1. How would I go about defining/understanding the amount of, errr, “compatibility” that Obsidian has with YAML? I’m assuming that they are probably ‘mostly’ compatible; but I can’t speculate on exactly what the terms “compatibility” and “conflict” actually mean, with regards to (err…uh…environments? Is that the correct term?) like Obsidian.

  2. What are some “best practices” when attempting to implement extra-“environment” languages? Or better yet, where is a resource where I can ‘teach myself to fish’ on this subject?

  3. Slightly off subject: I made the attempt to “install” the Juggl API, and was unable to do so. It took me a lot of poking around to realize that (a) acronyms like “npm” refer to Javascript; (b) API’s (I think) have requirements to run, and those requirements have additional requirements (like nodejs, gephi, etc); (c) GitHub is this amazing website I’ve just discovered where all sorts of “tech people” are role-playing that they are programs themselves, and if I randomly copy/paste things that sound interesting, sometimes my computer doesn’t blow up; (d) most importantly, acronyms like “API” can be googled, so that I can actually understand what I’m doing instead of just randomly sudo-installing anything that ‘seems legit.’

…yes, yes, I know. …yet another “do it the hard way”-idiot who decided to install Linux without knowing what a terminal was. 2018 was a hard year. /cries-in-self-loathing

So what is the correct smart-person way that people like me are supposed to understand the terrain and learn how to perform these processes methodically and correctly? Because Obsidian is friggin’ incredible… and I’d rather not come crying to everyone for help on basic-level stuff any time some new acronym comes across my screen.

Thank you!!!

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