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Is somebody using the obsidian to:

  • document and store code snippets
  • function documentation
  • quick linking and jump from XCode via obsidian://open?vault= into relevant topic in Obsidian

If yes, what is your structure in Obsidian? Or other details :pray:t2:

I’m planning to, but I don’t have my technical thoughts in my vault yet — other than a folder called Cheat Sheet that I brought over from all other “note-apps” I used to use, it is just a folder with one note per cheat sheet with tags.

I’m still thinking how to organize tags with nested tags which I think will be useful here, things like: #help/CLI (command line tricks), or #xcode/SDK/Foundation (just come up with this one as example of nesting).

It will be good idea to try to strip into markdown some online resources. And see what structure will come up from that…

I’m just beginning with xCode so therefore I’m asking for some advanced user who utilized the power of Obsidian and weakness of xCode.

Not exactly what you asked about but I remember when I was learning, I used to save every article I read in Evernote using their web clipper it was really easy and it felt good to have my own knowledge base. But I never looked into it, I ended up giving up on even trying to organize knowledge at all for years and years – I would take notes and create files to help with immediate things I had to do but I wouldn’t even bother with long term thinking about new subjects. This change very recently when I started hearing about the new linking notes apps, I started reading LYT Kit and not linking actually, felt too much, but at some point it clicked and reminded me that I had tried once.

It has been a couple weeks that I’m trying this new approach of note making so I don’t much to give other than: make your own notes with your own words otherwise you’ll just collect words that in the end you’ll not use or learn more than what you did when reading the words the first time.

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