Wrong Vim Behavior - some examples - tracking of missing/wrong vim commands

I love to Obsidian and would like to use typical vim commands in it.
Here are some examples of wrong/strange behaviors

dj → should delete the current cursor line and the next line
Instead it deletes the current line bevor Line Break

1G → is not working. It should move the carret to line 1 (or any other number displayed there)

C → Change line till end. Is not working as in vim. It doesn’t show the previous text and after editing. Also after leaving insert mode, u doesn’t toggle between the two states. But would delete single words… So it is not possible to have to versions of an part to toggle easily. Meaning, pressing U one time, should go back to the state before having pressed C - and not showing a deleted passage

das/dis → not working. It is possible to use d), but not quite the same. I need a way to delete a whole sentence

ctrl + i/o → not working at all? It doesn’t seem to jump where it should jump to…

General Question:
Is it planned, that Obsidian could be used as some kind of VIM Editor - meaning, having a at least close set of commands and behaviors?
It’s not about having all NeoVim Plugins or anything… but at least the outofthebox things?

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Obsidian uses codemirror-vim. Feature requests for it are better placed there.

The sentence operator works for me.