Wrong syntax wrapping dataview query into a template?

What I’m trying to do

Can anyone understand how this dataview query works fine but then stops working when wrapped into a template?
I am just trying to find pages WHERE their ‘date’ is bigger than the ‘date’ of the current file [[]].date and then pick the first one in the ascending order.

Things I have tried

Using this query I get the link to the note that happened right after this one. And yes render the link in markdown (I am open to ideas if you have a better way).


LIST WHERE (date > [[]].date) SORT date ASC  LIMIT 1

Not working:
const dv = app.plugins.plugins[“dataview”].api;
const te = await dv.queryMarkdown(“LIST WHERE (date > [[]].date) SORT date ASC LIMIT 1”);
tR += te.value;


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