Writing with Obsidian?

Hi, im new to Obsidian and i wanted some direction to lern about using it with certain use cases.

So far what I’ve seen people Doing with Obsidian is more like jotting short notes, brainstorming, and jotting down ideas. But what about writing longer, more formal type pieces of writing with it? What about things like writing a blog or journal or technical artical or even a book? And what would that look like using Obsidian for that? Does everything have to be all scattered about, broken in pieces, and random when you’re using Obsidian?

Maybe i am just not seeing enough use cases with Obsidian. I saw information about something called Zettelcasten (a methodology) and i like that a lot and will probably use it for what its good for. But im wondering if its better to use some other application for actually writing other things?

I havent spent a lot of time looking for informatoin on this yet but its because i dont want to get confused and lost in a sea of information having a hard time navigating through. Can anyone point out good content and / or resourses for what im asking about?

Search the forum for longform and related ideas.

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Another option is to write in a single document using headings and an outline view.

Doesn’t work as well as the same approach in Word though.

What I do as well. In addition, I use the Floating ToC plugin on PC.

Thats awesome! Ill look into all these ideas. Ty.

Wow! What an incredible, vibrant, active community here! I love it!!

You can use folders or organize stuff however you like.

Here are a couple pages of links about writing:

Also the subject has come up here before so you can find some prior discussion by searching.

If you’re on the Discord, the #creative and #academia channels may interest you.

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I routinely do articles that are 750-1,500 words using Obsidian, and I would have no hesitation going longer. I write the whole thing in one document. Sometimes I use headers to break things up but that’s mainly for visual highlighting as I scroll down.

I d not go in for zettelkasten or atomic notes. I wrote long notes, hundreds of words each.

I’ve been a professional writer and journalist—which is to say, a professional note-taker—for many, many years, and have evolved my own ways of doing things. I gave zettelkasten a good hard try 2020-22 or so and it just does not work for me. Although I realize that I do something zettelkasten-like just using cut-and-paste with the clipboard.

I started a topic recently here about my favorite Obsidian plugins. Almost all of them relate to writing.

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All of those use cases are absolutely doable, there are even plugins to assist in those use cases. There are even plugins for TTRPGs (Table Top Role Playing Games), and YouTube has tons of videos for Obsidian.

Also I’m writing a book in Obsidian (a collection of short stories). The whole project is in a folder in my main vault. Before Obsidian I was writing it in a plain text editor.

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