Writing has become extremely slow (even without plugins and rebooted)

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I started using Obsidian some weeks ago and it has always worked flawlessly, even with several plugins installed and running (including Excalidraw, Citations, Zotero, Grammarly, and some others a bit more demanding). However, some days ago I started experiencing some lag in writing. I tried to disable every plugin, but it doesn’t come to normal.

My vault is quite small, I have currently 92 notes and I didn’t abuse embeds or anything like that. The only reason I can think of is that the vault is located in Google Drive, which is automatically synchronized on a folder in my laptop (windows).

I tried to read the DevTools but unfortunately, I don’t understand anything, since I’m not a programmer. Would you have any idea of what can it be?

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Sounds plausible. You could test that idea by making a copy of the vault on your device’s built-in storage and opening it in Obsidian.

Disable syncing and turn it on again when you’re done writing your notes, at the end of your session. You can switch to other apps and keep obsidian syncing in the background

Thanks for the replies!

I tried uninstalling and installing obsidian, and it seems to have worked. If it slows down within the following weeks, I’ll try these suggestions and post an update.

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