Writing friendly cursor behaviour when adding new links

It would be a nice user experience enhancement to have the cursor move outside the brackets when a new link is being added.

When linking to an existing note or block, if we press Enter, the cursor moves outside the brackets and we can continue at a fast writing pace.

It would be nice to have the same behaviour for new links. As far as I can see, there is no immediate way to do it, except Right Arrow, Right Arrow. Can we have Esc as a quicker way to move ahead?

On desktop keyboards Arrows are often “far away” from letters. One single Esc press would be quicker, easier and a better writer experience. But today, Esc keeps the cursor inside the brackets (maybe in case you want to add an Alias). If that is the case, you don’t need the Esc key. Just add the | after the link and continue writing.

We need Esc to move the cursor outside the newly created link.

Not a top priority feature but something that would make Obsidian more comfortable to write with, while encouraging the use of links… also, maybe very quick and easy to implement.



If you’re on a Mac, you can tap cmd+→ to jump to the end of the line, just FYI.

Yes, I am and that’s a valid option. Personally, I use the Right Right instead as you’ll only take one hand away from the standard keyboard position. Still too disruptive if you’re trying to write quickly.

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I would like Enter and Tab even better than Esc, given that I never use either within link texts and the behavior would be the same for existing and new links. That way I don’t even have to check the screen whether a link is recognized as existing or not

Edit: Never mind, I tried that and the fuzzy matching of notes makes it that new links often still are matched to existing notes when pressing Tab or Enter. Maybe with a modifier key then?

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