Writing content and linking it directly onto another page

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I navigated most of if not all of the Wiki links and links forum discussions ad-nauseam I must be confusing vocabulary or we're making a mistake in some other fundamental way because I am very confident I don't like the first one as this question considered him almost positive that it used to be a function of obsidian to do exactly what it is I'm asking about.

Hopefully you made it through that wordy, vague prelude because I’m thinking my question will be much more straightforward.

I apologize in advance, I took a hiatus from using PKMS after drying about just about everyone I could get my hands on so I apologize if I am confusing Systems of linking from an entirely different application.

I THOUGHT that when I first learned how to use obsidian, I was taught two different ways of making links.

I thought that one of these ways involved information being mirrored either from another page onto the current or vice a versa.

I thought it another way I had initially learned involves using both the brackets and parentheses like the way wikilinks looks. In this method I thought that I remembered being able to add text on to I page other than the one you were on and add text to newly created page if it didn’t already exist.

For example…. Say I am writing about students at school and I am detailing events that occurred at lunchtime between 5 students. I thought I remembered being able to take each of the five kids names and link them back to their school teacher’s respective pages so that overtime, after detailing a number of events, each of the teachers pages would slowly fill with more and more names.

Is there a mirroring capability?

Is there a way to write text on a different page than the one you are on via links?

Is it possible that I am simply remembering having the “backlinks” permanently showing?

Thank you very much to ever tackles this simple albeit muddy question.


Whatever you type in a given note, will only change text on that note.

However, if you in a given note links to something else, it will create a backlink in the linked note. But it will still not actually change the other note, it will only change the metadata associated with that note (aka the backlinks).

So to this extent, it seems like you might have had the backlinks permanently showing, which is an option:

  • If you want it, first enable this core plugin: Settings > Core plugins > Backlinks
  • Then depending on whether you want it within the document itself, or just in a side pane. Enable/disable Settings > Backlinks > Backlink in document

So no mirror capability, if I understand you correctly. If you write about students (which don’t have notes yet), you’ll need to enter each of the notes and link to their teacher’s note in order to fill up his/her class.

(This process can to some extent possibly be automated, if you make
templates to add students from the teachers note, but that is a different story)

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Would you mind elaborating…

Thank you for your reply BTW

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