Writing an impromptu note from anywhere and being able to send it to a specific vault/folder in Obsidian

This is the use case:

Let’s say I am walking, see or think about something and want to immediately jot down. I open up my Evernote on web because it is the easiest way to write a quick note. With Obsidian I have to be on my specific laptop and then go through more clicks to get to a new note (no global shortcut key). Hence the use of Evernote. Now later, I would like to just send that specific Evernote to an Obsidian vault/folder which corresponds to the topic I wrote the note on. How can I do that?

I understand there is Panda to export notes from Evernote. But that is rigid and it exports all notes in its own created folder. Plus I don’t want to add that big of a moving part.

Any help please?

I understand that there is Obsidian mobile. But I don’t want to bother about opening a specific vault/folder.

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Hi @fierce_ninja, I don’t use Evernote, but if you install the Workbench plug-in and have the Obsidian mobile app, just open the Workbench file on the mobile app. Even if you close it, it will open back to the last file (which is the Workbench.md file if that’s what you use. Make your note. As many as you like. When back in Obsidian desktop, use the plug-in to move those notes wherever you like, quickly. Hope this helps.

I get it. I have mobile (iOS) too but even then I’m not totally sure that things will be synchronized enough to capture my new input quickly, without somehow over-writing things. My solution has been to use the iOS app “Drafts” which is a quick capture tool, basically. You can add actions to it, such as “send this draft to my Obsidian vault inbox”. Works like a charm, and synchronizes across all devices.

Now, it would be nice if Obsidian’s synchronization worked that smoothly, then I could use it for quick capture. But that’s not been my experience yet.


For me, the key is having one folder that I use as the inbox.
I can then use any program that saves to local files to make a quick note, with the inbox as the default location. On mobile programs may be restricted in the folder they can use, in which case I set up autosync to synchronise their input folder into the inbox folder.

Sorting into different Obsidian folders takes place later.

My aim is speed and simplicity in making the note and I do not, at that point, want to have to think about which folder it should go in. I don’t feel that Obisidian’s design lends itself to quick notes; I’m sure such a feature could be added, but I doubt it would improve my workflow.

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You can, however, define a shortcut for opening your current daily note. If you write down your spontaneous thoughts into your daily note, you have them all in one place later on and can just start moving your thoughts to the right places using obsidian’s native note composer plugin.

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What is this auto sync utility of which you speak? er… of which you write?

There will be different utilities depending on the platform. The essence is that it should sync automatically between the folder that the note app uses and the target folder in the vault.

I happen to use Dropsync on Android, but there are many alternatives - some better than others. I can’t remember what’s most often recommended on iOS, which appears to have a more restrictive approach to syncing.

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Is it a configurable action that you do in this app you speak of which automatically transfers the note to Obsidian vault? btw, don’t have ios. Have android.

Sorry for this noob question. Are you saying that Obsidian now supports a global shortcut key that can be defined to open my current daily note no matter where I am in my Windows 10 desktop?

yes, exactly

Saw this IFTTT idea about sending an email to create a note. I’m not sure how difficult IFTTT is to set up.

Try this shortcut


You can add it to your Home Screen. When you tap it, you’ll be prompted for an input. When you tap done a new note will be added to your vault.

This was a great starting point, thanks! I modified it a bit to my usage.

I didn’t realize you could go straight to Obsidian throught shortcuts/url schemes. That is revolutionary for me :slight_smile: . Gonna pretend I don’t know this otherwise I’ll go down a deep Drafts-actions-creation rabbit hole.

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