Write unicode math in Obsidian like is done in Word

Hello, I wonder ‘’’ Is it possible to write unicode math in Obsidian like it done in word?""

I have search the community here, Obsidian support users to write formula in latex math.
But, Unicodemath is much familiar than latex for me.

If obsidian can do so, it will be really helpful.

It is not. I’ve converted this to a plugin idea!

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I have written a plugin for speeding up latex math typing in obsidian which works rather similarly to the syntax in word equation. Was wondering if it might meet your need?

The plugin can be found in community plugin list with the name “quick latex for obsidian”

there are quite a few handy functions such as autoFraction, where you can type 1/2 followed by a space key and it will be replaced with \frac{1}{2}, very much like how it works in word equation~

Here is the source code:

Hope this helps!~