Write in an existing text paragraph


when I write text and go back with the cursor to insert text between already written words, the newly written text will overwrite the following text. How can I turn off this behaviour? I didn’t find an option for this in the settings. I have never experienced this behaviour in any other text editore before.


Btw, I can’t create new tags. I mean here in the forum. Why is that?
Edit: I guess because this is my first post?

I just restarted Obsidian and now this strange behaviour is gone. I can now write inbetween existing words without the newly written text overwriting the adjacent text. Everything as expected now. I’m not sure what went wrong there.

Not a native english speaker, so I’m not sure if my description of the problem was understandable. Anyway, problem solved itself.

Thanks for this great app!

It sounds like you might’ve pressed the Insert key on your keyboard. Are you on Windows?

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Yes, I’m on Windows. And yes, I just tested that, it’s the insert key. I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for letting me know.