Write document like RemNote, Roam or Siyuan

I’m new to obsidian. I’m loving the program in every way possible. But there are things that bother me.
I’m used to studying forming information hierarchies. That’s why I used RemNote, Roam, Siyuan, LogSeq. It really makes all the difference to me!

Obsidian is not focused in this mode. There are many flaws! For example, there are no vertical lines to follow the hierarchy, when we close a central topic and decide to write a new line, all previous topics open unexpectedly.

Does anyone have a plugin or a way to work like RemNote, Roam, Siyuan? I would really like developers to focus more on this mode. It helps a lot!

Hi! I think you’re asking for Obsidian to be an outliner which it isn’t :sweat_smile:

All those you mentioned are outliners/block-based apps whereas Obsidian is a text file-based app. So the fact that Obsidian is not focused on that mode is not a flaw, it’s their design.

If you want to emulate outliners you might want to try the Outliner plugin or even the Zoom plugin (does an outliner feature but for headers).

If you just need vertical lines for your lists you could use a css snippet. If you decide to adjust to the file-based design of Obsidian, you can check out the Breadcrumbs plugin to form hierarchies for your notes.


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