Would Storing 1,000 Images In Vault Slow Down Database?

I use Obsidian exclusively in my workflow running several blogs. Right now, I have my Obsidian vault housing all of the .md text files, and a separate folder housing all of the image files. I would like to combine everything and have my entire business (.md files + images) housed in one master folder … a single vault.

The images wouldn’t be attached to the notes, but would be in related subfolders for each article. This would bring my vault size to +100GB. My question is, will this slow down Obsidian, datatview, or any of the related uses?

Thanks in advance :wink:

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I’ve found that using that method of placing the media in sub folders, while logical, can cause headaches when trying to create general backups. Also, if you use Obsidian Sync it would be a challenge to exclude all those folders if you chose to do so.

Otherwise, having lots of media within Obsidian has worked well. I’d say after making a backup, just give it a try and let us know how it goes.



Thanks! I use iCloud for syncing, so I’m not limited by the 2GB sync issue. However, now that you say that, I didn’t consider that my vault is going to try to sync among all of my devices … and my iPhone will completely fill up. So, I guess that’s not a good solution.

Thanks for the help though :wink:

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Obsidian Sync allows 10GB per vault now (not that that helps, either).

I have ~3K images and haven’t found any significant impact on performance. That said, and following what @Fletcher mentioned, I have them all in one Assets folder with no structure at all

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