Would obsidian fit my use case/fulfil my needs?

Hello obsidian users!

I’m new to obsidian and I have recently discovered “second brain” and GTD, PKM

So far, this is how my pkm looks like:
Calendar → Google Calendar
Notes → Google Keep
To-do & Habits → Ticktick

School Notes → OneNote (I’m inclined towards writing notes/drawing diagrams)
School To-do → Microsoft To-do

Other: writing on a rocketbook then export to OneDrive (School) and Google Drive (Personal)

With the above, I have been really frustrated as I’m unable to find notes I’ve written months ago, or form some kind of connection between notes.
It’s been overwhelming with so many different apps and all my notes are just a mess, just started furthering my studies after working for 2 years, and realizing I don’t remember anything and referencing my notes devastates me even further.

After reading about the concept of the second brain, I’ve researched multiple apps and it seems like obsidian fits my use case the best (local, secure, markdown, data view, UI gives my a sense of familiarity as a software engineer, and many more…)

I’m planning to streamline and have all my notes/to-dos/habits tracking in obsidian, integrated with google calendar.

Functions that I will need (but unsure if they can be implemented in Obsidian):

  • Progressive water tracker (with data graph if possible)
  • Simple Habits Tracker (Yes/No-Checkbox)
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Sync between devices (2 android devices (phone and tab), 2 windows pc)

Also would love to know what I could do to transcribe written notes in obsidian? (I’m prepared to take a few days to manually transcribe them if that’s necessary)


You will absolutely love Obsidian. With a tiny bit of Javascript you can make it do pretty much anything you want.

Here’s a few random things I’ve whipped up with just a few lines of JS:

Everything in my vault is heavily automated for my workflow. You can go out and fetch data in from anywhere and manipulate Obsidian’s own APIs to bend your vault to your will.

Tiny example of how I add my current location into my daily journal note using a free IP geolocation API:

await fetch('http://ip-api.com/json/').then(r => r.json())
  .then(data => ([data.city, data.regionName, data.country].filter(x => !!x).join(', ')))

I’ve come from Evernote and Notion, and I find everything about Obsidian incredibly convenient due to its scriptability.


Hello @AlanG
Thanks so much for the reply and help! :smile:

I just started looking through your guides, personally, I am not even sure how to start with utilizing obsidian, but I’m sure it will come in handy later on!

However, good to know that it is highly customizable and I can use javascript, this gave me more ideas on how I can fully utilize it to my needs.

In the meantime, will just be exploring obsidian and so so thankful for this community!


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