Would like footnotes somewhere other than at the bottom of the note

Things I have tried

Sorry if this same consultation has been already addressed somewhere else in the forum. I have searched with no results.

What I’m trying to do

I’m adding footnotes in two steps:

Step 1) I add the “[^1]” code into the note text.
Step 2) I add “[^1]: Footnote text.” somewhere below.

In Source mode and Live Preview mode, the footnote is displayed exactly where I placed the “[^1]: footnote text.”

In Reading mode, though, the footnote text is always displayed at the very bottom of the note, as if overriding the exact position in the Source mode.

I would like the footnotes to be displayed, when in Reading mode, at the same place as they are displayed in Source mode or Live Preview mode. Is it possible? Thank you!

I managed to somehow solve my need as follows:

Since Obsidian allows you to manually define block identifiers of the type ^your-id (Link to blocks), you can

  1. place the list of footnotes anywhere in the note.
  2. Identify each footnote block with its corresponding block identifier of the type ^your-id-1, ^your-id-2, etc.
  3. define each callout to a footnote within the text as an internal link (Wikilink), e.g., text-1 ([[^your-id-1]]), text-2 ([[^your-id-2]]).

It is thus possible to display the content of each footnote as a tooltip without the need to jump to each footnote in order to read the footnote text and then return to the main text.

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