Workspace section

It would be great to have a button when you clicked it you go to the workspace section, the Workspace section is like the file tree section but it differs from it that it only contains notes and folders that you currently want to work on, This will be very useful when you have a large number of folders and notes , you can add items to the workspace section through the file tree section Right-click on the item you want to put in Workspace and click Add to Work Space , You can remove an item from Workspace right-click it and then remove from Workspace

If that’s the “Starred” core plugin there in your screenshot, you should update Obsidian. It sounds like you are describing Bookmarks. Give them a try.

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When you click on a bookmark it jumps to the file tree(on mobile ), what I need is a real file tree but only the folders and files you want.

Thank you for the reminder. Bookmark will do the job now.