Workspace plugin scrolling pages to the bottom

I would like it to load pages from the top instead
e.g. the cursor pointing at first line
currently it seem to load at the bottom even if I save with cursor at the top



I believe this is a bug and a regression from previous versions. Possibly in v1.0.0 with the introduction of tabs.

I frequently switch between layouts using the binding for Workspaces: Save and load another layout. This auto-scrolling behavior appears to only impact my tabs that are in edit mode (as opposed to preview). The behavior seems consistent regardless of where I have the cursor when I saved the layout.

Desired behavior:

  • [Ideal] Save scroll position in layout state
  • [Alt] Default to top of file

Current version: v1.0.3



in my case this happens when I have some dataview list or table

I am seeing this occur even with the Remember Cursor Position plugin enabled. In fact when loading a workspace, I can see the cursor itself may be at the top, but it still loads the file with a scroll toward the bottom. It should definitely default load to the top.


It’s an issue for me too, and I’m using default Obsidian with no plugins. It never used to behave this way, so definitely recently introduced

This seems to be fixed for me now in v1.1.4. Thank youuu :heart_eyes:

I still have the issue on desktop app

Which desktop app version are you using? I’m on v1.1.4. If your on an earlier version, that may be why you’re still experiencing it

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