Workspace loading - never finishes

  • Windows 11, machine up to date, all drivers up to date
  • Files are on GoogleDrive

What I’m trying to do

I just want to open the vault. I was working all day at the windows tower without a problem. When i switched to the surface pro, i couldnt open obsidian anymore. When i tried it again at the tower, it didnt work there anymore eighter. “Load Worspace” is going on forever. Like, 45 Minutes now. The programm does something though (CPU and GPU in taskmanager changing…)

Things I have tried

If searched in the forum, i tried removing the community-plugins and the workspace file from .obsidian. also i removed all the conflict files. I deinstalled obsidian and installed a newly downloaded version. I did this on both machines. Nothing happens.

has anyone an idea what i can do now?

Thanks alot for the help!

First, copy your files to a regular local directory and see if that helps.