Workspace Layouts Don't Work Across Different Devices

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a workspace on Mobile and save it.
  2. Allow the Vault to sync.
  3. Open the Desktop app and load the workspace you save on Mobile.
  4. The workspace loads and the sidebars are broken.
  5. You can fix it by reloading a workspace you’ve saved on (if you have a workspace you’ve saved on Desktop).

Expected result

  • Ideally the Workspaces could load across devices, but would retain a version of the sidebars that is usable.
  • If Workspaces cannot be made to load across devices, then loading Desktop workspaces on Mobile should not be possible (and vice versa). The list of Workspaces List should be device dependent and omit Workspaces that are not made for the current device.

Actual result

The outcome is similar for workspaces saved on Desktop and opened on Mobile.


  • Operating system (Desktop): Ventura 13.0.1,
  • Operating system (iPad): iOS 16.1.1
  • Operating system (Phone): iOS 16.1.1

Additional information

This is a major pain point for me when trying to set a Workspace as a Homepage using the Homepage plugin. I cannot set a Workspace that will work on both Desktop and Mobile.

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Desktop/Mobile workspaces are now incompatible. We have not decided yet if we want to explicitly forbid loading a mobile workspace in desktop even in its broken state.

Thanks for the note! It was definitely alarming when it happened the first few times since it looked like I broke the app and it wasn’t clear at first that it was due to the loaded workspace.

My big use case for workspaces is controlling the plugins that are included in the sidebars (particularly on desktop). I have some that I only want in the sidebar if I’m doing certain activities – but they are there by default when I open the app. Using the Homepage plugin to set my Home to a workspace is the best way to meet that need – except that the Workspace I set as Home will be incompatible with my mobile devices.

I’m hoping y’all figure out a way to handle it soon. Workspaces seem really useful, but the value of them is pretty limited without a temporary fix that at least prevent it from breaking the layout on the wrong device.