Workspace for Plug-in Themes

Would like to see a Feature that can save a Plug-in Theme as a WorkSpace in order to be able to switch between it and the standard Obsidian Theme.


I would expand on this and say that plugin settings would be really interesting to save to workspaces, e.g. the state of your Sliding Panes configuration.


This could be hidden for the dev of the plugins.

If a plugin use the api: this.saveData and this.loadData (where this is the plugin class).

This saveData could be only for a workspace.

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This would be very helpful. Wouldn’t even require a UI change re: development. When a new workspace is saved, it is assigned the current theme. So an end-user merely changes the theme manually once, then saves the workspace. Presto! Hotkey theme changes wrapped into existing functionality.


Would like to +1 for this

  • Remembering theme choice would be very helpful.
    • also help putting theme changing into the command panel action, in a way. Currently changing theme require one to touch the mouse.
    • certain theme fits different work mode for me. And also the fonts and font size calls for different pane setup.
  • Remember Sliding Panes (currently plugin) setting is very helpful.
    • Sliding Panes is a special plugin. To my understanding many incorporate it into their workflow.
    • Also very relevant to workflow. Sometimes one prefer to work with sliding panes on and very flat setup for panes. Sometimes there are a lot of split panes and stuff. And if one forget to turn off sliding panes before switching Workspace, it can be very messy, probably require a relaunch.

This is indeed may go wider than the original concept of “Workspace” as you imagine setup (pane position and some panes open with certain notes). But the widens definition still work for how us human imagine a “Workspace” - turn to it and everything is ready and works together great.