Workspace doesn't render the side panel colour correctly, sometimes


I am not sure where to post as I can identify who’s the culprit. I am using the Minimal Theme, light, high contrast.

The first picture is how it is supposed to look, and the second is how it sometimes looks.
The error is not constant, and switching theme back and forth resolves it.

However, when loading a workspace, it always displays that grey colour for a fraction of a second before turning it dark, if it does.

The error seem to always happen the first time after loading Obsidian, and much less often afterwards (after having loaded another theme and back to Minimal).

I have a snippet that changes the right side panel colour, but the error happens also without or if I change its colour.

Most of the time, when you switch themes, they are fully unloaded, but there are three that I can think of that can be sticky. By sticky, I mean certain theme settings can stick around when changing themes. This high contrast setting in Minimal Theme Settings is one that I’ve noticed a few times.

You can run the Reload app without saving command or close and open the vault. That should sort it out.

It could also be your custom CSS, but it seems unlikely.