Working with TextAreaComponent

I have developed a plugin enabling users to publish and edit posts and pages on a hosted blog directly. I’m now integrating a “quick post” feature. This feature facilitates publishing microposts (posts under 300 characters) directly, without the need to create a note in Obsidian.

The interface uses a TextAreaComponent, but I’m encountering two issues:

  1. Mobile Issue: On mobile, when the text area is focused, its height is not maintained. It collapses to a single line, which is not the intended behavior.
  2. Desktop Issue: The text area is resizable on desktop, achieved by dragging the corner. I would like to disable this feature to maintain a uniform appearance.

My specific questions are:

  • Primary Concern: How can I set the text area’s height so that it remains consistent on mobile, even when focused?
  • Secondary Concern: Is there a method to prevent users from resizing the text area on the desktop version?

For reference, this is the code I currently have:

new TextAreaComponent(contentEl)
    .onChange(value => {
        this.viewModel.content = value
    .then(textArea => { = "100%";
        textArea.inputEl.rows = 10;

Thank you for your assistance!