Working with other notes or different parts of a note with templates

Things I have tried

I’ve spent some time going through the Templater docs for this but I’m not sure of exactly what to call what I’m trying to do so it’s hard to find relevant documentation.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to use Templater (or really any tool but Templater feels like a natural starting point) to clean up previously-ingested notes and generally improve my ingestion process. I would like to be able to do this sort of thing:

  • Run a template to add certain information to the frontmatter of a note. For instance open a choice dialog to add one of several tags, some custom metadata values, or something dynamic based on date, etc.
  • Similarly, add something to the top or bottom of a note (sort of as a header or footer) without leaving the part of the note I’m working on.
  • Make changes to another note based on something I’m doing in the current note or as part of creation of a new note. For instance, create a new recipe note with an ingredients section and add a link to this note to a Cookery MOC note elsewhere. This seems like it should be possible since there’s a plugin for this (Add links to current note) but not sure how/if it should be handled in a template.

Again the big barrier is not knowing what terminology to use to search for help or documentation. It seems like there should be way to handle this without going full external-script in Templater (i.e. I think I could do most of this stuff by opening the other MD files in a python script and making whatever changes I want but it feels like overengineering it).

Any help appreciated, even if it’s just “search the docs for term and figure it out yourself.”

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