Working with Obsidian and Tinderbox?

Things I have tried

Hi All,

Is anyone working back and forth with Obsidian and Tinderbox? I’m interested in doing so and trying to wrap my head around how to think through a process/workflow. I like both programs and they factor in different ways into my workflow. I’ve looked for info and can’t find much and don’t have enough experience with both applications to figure out a way forward.

What I’m trying to do

Right now I’m using Tinderbox for a specific project (a book proposal/writing) and for working visually and Obsidian is more a collection of all the things I’m working on and where I’m tending to start with texts and backlinks in obsidian. I’d like to be able to move fluidly back and forth but am not sure of the best way to have them work with each other – I have things in Tinderbox I might want to send to Obsidian and things in Obsidian I might want to work with in Tinderbox without breaking the original markdown files. Wondering if anyone has started developing processes, workflows, or has any experience and advice on how to use both applications for a project?

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