Working with notes and pictures in Devonthink and Obsidian


At the moment I am trying out Obsidian for my notes (markdown), which resided formerly only in Devonthink.

A lot of my notes have pictures included in them, Devonthink uses Item Links to link and show them in the note (you get these by drag and drop the picture in the note). These item links do not work in Obsidian, as it does not know what to do with them, they are specific to Devonthink.

If I instead drag and drop pictures into my notes in Obsidian to show the pictures inline, Devonthink is no longer able to read the location of the pictures and does not show the pictures in the notes…

So it seems I have to give up on one of the programs to show me the correct pictures? The only option I found is to use wikilinks to link to the pictures. This does not give me an inline view of the picture in the note, but it works in both Apps with a link to the correct picture. Of course I would prefer to have an inline representation of the picture in the note…

Is there a solution to this anybody knows?

Thanks for your Feedback

Have you seen this on the DevonThink Forums?

Generally it should work with an indexed Obsidian Vault and some configuration.

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If images are in same vault, you can use wikilinks and enable this feature in devonthink:

Thanks you for the reply. I have wikilinks enabled and the pictures are in the same vault. But DT only shows me a clickable link to the picture in the note, no inline representation…

with this syntax?


With this syntax I get this

in obsidian it works with



Yes of course, but not in Devonthink…

what’s your devonthink version?

3.8.6, the newest.

Or do I have to activate the asset folder in DT for the images?

strange, it works with my 3.8.2 version

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Very strange. Seems then to be a problem with DT… I will ask at their forums.

Thank you very much!

May I ask if you have the pictures in the same folder/group as the markdown document? This is how I could get it to work. If the pictures are in an special asset folder DT does not show the pictures, whereas Obsidian does this well

I have my vault folder indexed to devonthink and images are placed in any folder inside the vault (or in vault root), not necessarily in the same md document folder.

This is very strange indeed. I only can get it to work if the image is in the md document folder…

Maybe we are missing any special setting in Devonthink. I’m not very updated with DT…

Finally I got it to work with the hint from @matti

With setting the path for the image in Obsidian to relative path and disabling wikilinks for images DT shows everything as it should.

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