Working with multiple vaults, but same settings

in the doc, Working with multiple vaults - Obsidian Help, I read, that the indivdual settings for each vault, are stored in the vault-referring .obsidian-folder.

I use 2 vaults

  • for work
  • for private note-taking

and for me, there’s no need to have different settings between these two vaults. Moreover, if I find new nice settings or plugins for one vault, it’s laborous, to do all these steps and clicks again in the other vault.

=> yeah, a convinient workaround could be, to manually copy the .obsidian-folder from one vault to the other, but I’m wondering, if there is not a better built-in-way, to always have the same settings in all vaults.

Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance,

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To my knowledge, the copy and paste method of the config folder is the easiest/quickest.

The other options would be syncing through github, Obsidian sync or something similar but then you would have to worry about the vault syncing.

I would question why you have the notes in seporate vaults. I personally use the one.

Look in Settings > About > Override config folder.

I haven’t tried, but I guess that you can set a unique config folder and use the same custom path in all your vaults.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not sure how that should work.
The option to overwrite the config.-folder

would only search for that specified path within that one vault - or is it possible to specify here a path to a place outside of your vault?

Yeah, that idea looks also very appealing to me…
But I still think that there are advantages to separate vaults, especially if your work’s thema is far away of the topics of your private PKM…

Don’t you see any usecase for more that one vault? I mean, there should be one, because if not, the developers wouldn’t have created that possibility…?

I haven’t actually tried it, but I guess that replacing, for example, the “snippets” folder inside the “.obsidian” folder with a symbolic link pointing to the corresponding folder in the other vault should work. I wouldn’t sync this way the whole “.obsidian” folder, because you’d mess the workspaces of the two vaults.

My uses for multiple vaults are when I have a shared sync vault which requires its own sync, and when I share template vaults which I edit in my main vault, but when I share them they need their own config file.

My personal work is all done in one vault.


there is another ingenious way to be able to work with two vault at the same time.

you only have to insert your files or folders as symbolic links in one vault (windows pc).

these links are treated like normal files…

i have installed the program from

can set here my folder symbolically as source and then insert in my vault as symbolic link …
as I said, this link is just like a file…

Translated with (free version)

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