Working with multiple notes (both pinned and unpinned) - new behaviour?

When I am working with several notes open where all minus one of them are pinned, obsidian behaves quite strange for several days now:

Try to close the non-pinned note (either by hotkey or by mouse). Until recently, the pane was closed completely. Now, the note is closed but the pane stays intact, saying “no file opened” - while the pane is no longer marked as active pane. I have to close it for a second time in order to disappear.

This also happens with all community plugins turned off and the default theme, but only when using the legacy editor. I cannot reproduce this behaviour in the sandbox vault.

Is this new behaviour? Is it intended? Or is it a bug?

Additional information: I just realized that closing is even not possible by using the assigned hotkey - only via mouse click. When using the respective hotkey, the pane seems to disappear for a millisecond, only to “pop up” again afterwards. This seems more and more like a bug!?

As this behavior still persists and becomes really annoying to me, I would like to resume this topic. Is anybody out there affected by this problem as well?

i did a quick test on legacy editor (and closing it using Ctrl P > close active pane). i’m not able to repro that. i have few suggestion

  • update the installer version to the latest by redownloading the installer from website and run the installer (i’m assuming u only update it via app auto-update)
  • use “source mode” in the new editor (it’s almost the same if not better than legacy editor). if u need to have only plain-text with visual formatting you may refer to this post ( Disable markdown - Resolved help - Obsidian Forum)

I am using the latest installer version.

Same behavior.

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