Working directory

Can we have a working directory?
And have the current working directory as an option for the default location of new notes?
And have it be visible and changeable directly in the main view of Obsidian?

My main use case is that I want to able to dynamically set the destination of new notes on the fly (instead of 5 clicks or more by going to settings).
There may be some use case for some plugins, such as those that give a focused folder view.
I skimmed the API, and I don’t think anything like this is exposed in there either?

Does Settings > Files & Links > Default location for new notes > Same folder as current file do what you want?

No, this does not achieve what I am hoping for.

  • I would like to have notes open from my apple orchard folder, my fall spices folder, and my seasonal decorations folder, but have the pies folder as my working directory, so that any new note I make goes to the pies folder.
  • Say I finish my three notes/recipes on apple pies, I can then change to another working directory, like a drinks folder and make new notes about apple cider and hard cider while working in and keeping the other notes open from other folders.

(For general reference, there are a number of other programs of other types that employ “working directory”)

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Dup. Allow new notes to be added to "currently selected folder"


Sure, this is the same general idea, thanks for finding that.

In addition to the implementation suggested in that link, it would be great to have the option to insert the path or directory, maybe something like cd (change directory) commands or like the address bar in the file explorer.
(Also, to be clear, some plugins do give some modified file explorer experience, but my feature request is rather about creating new notes in a current directory specified by the user.)